Bringing rapid learning from industry leaders to everyone in the state of Idaho.

How It Works

Inspire Idaho (InspireID) was created by Innovation Collective, the University of Idaho and partners across the state. We work with industry leaders around the world to create rapid learning platforms that prepare everyone in the state of Idaho for the future of work by training them in the skills that industry leaders are looking for.


Join the App Economy by learning how to create an app and submit it to the app store.

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Data Science

NEW! We are bringing Data Science Training to Idaho!

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We are working to bring you other rapid learning programs with other industry leaders. Coming Soon!
Reduce Barriers

InspireID is working to reduce higher barriers for all Idahoans

Rapid Learning

Helping Idahoans gain industry knowledge and skills a faster rate than ever before

The Experience Tour

Inspiring 20 different cities about the possibility of learning new skillsets for the Knowledge Economy via fun interactive demos. Click here for more information.

Skillset Development

Inspire participants learn the skill-sets that industry leaders want and need. Idahoans can earn a Verified Badge of Competency upon completion

Engaging Industry

InspireID works with large industry leaders to develop rapid learning platforms that all Idahoans can access

Geographic Platform

Using the land-grant University model, InspireID is bringing rapid learning, via Inspire Hubs to every county in the state

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